“It’s like a home away from home! When Lexi and I drive into I Watch Animal Resort her tail is wagging, and when I pick her up it is still wagging!
It is easy to see that all of the pets who stay here are loved and cared for. It is a wonderful facility and Sue provides quality care, attention and lots of love. I feel totally confident and comfortable when Lexi is hanging out with Sue.”

Susan Quinlan

"I have known Sue Wakeford for about 20 years. I have had Sue come into my home and business for many years, to look after my cats Mary Margaret & Sabastian, now 18 years old and my dog Buddy, he has since passed away. I have nothing but great things to say about Sue. She has always been conscientious, shows up on time and goes the extra mile, waters my plants , collects mail, makes sure heat is on etc. Sue is honest and reliable, funny too! When I go away, she is actually more conscientious about things , security etc. than I am, which makes my holidays much more enjoyable as I don't have to worry, I know my animals, home and business will be safe. Sue is a good person...she is a Wakeford..!!"

Nancy P. Duncan
Nancy's Art & Frame Gallery
on Monaghan

Susan has provided pet and house sitting services for our family. She cared for our dog with fondness and consideration. She took him for a daily walk. I highly recommend Susan’s pet and home service to everyone and she may use my name for a reference if she wishes.

We have known Susan Wakeford all her life. She has done house and pet sitting services for us many times over a number of years, sometimes for a few days or for as long as a month at a time.
We have a dog that likes her very much and we value her service. We know that both our pet and our home are in good hands and we don’t have to worry about them. Susan is very reliable and honest and keeps our house neat and clean.
We have no hesitation in recommending her services and look forward to having her back any time.

-Bill & Gwen Dixon

My cat is my most precious possession; she’s my friend, my confident and “my baby”. In short, my cat is a treasure that is priceless to me. That’s why if I ever had to leave her for any length of time, I would call on Sue Wakeford to care for her in my absence. Caring is one word that describes Sue, others include responsible, intelligent, and compassionate. I would want nothing less when it comes to looking after my pet. I used to hate going away, thinking that the only human contact for my precious cat would be the person who has grudgingly agreed to feed her once every second day. Now I know that my pet will not be alone while I’m gone, and she’ll get the love she needs and deserves, from Sue Wakeford.

-Kathy M.

Sue has always provided me with excellent service within my home. Her services are always done well and in a reliable professional manner. She does the job in completion at an efficient pace.

-Betty McClean

We can always have a worry-free vacation knowing that our house and dog are in Sue’s capable hands. We're confident that she will handle any situation in her reliable, conscientious manner.

-Dorothy A.

It's raining cats and dogs for Sue Wakeford!

As the two proud parents wave goodbye to their baby boy, Sue Wakeford assures them that their little one is in good hands. After all, she's had years of experience at this sort of thing, and Wakeford knows how to treat a baby right - she'll administer medication, prepare his meals and even clean his litter box.

That's right -- this baby is a 6-week-old tabby kitten, and it's up to Wakeford to make sure he stays safe and healthy while his owners are away. It's all part of I Watch, a professional house and pet -sitting business Wakeford began 20 years ago. Since then, she's cared for dogs, cats, birds, a six foot iguana, a family of raccoons and more.

"Clients entrust to me two of their most prized possessions - their animals and their homes," Wakeford says. "It's not something I take lightly."

For that reason, Wakeford sometimes finds herself tackling unique tasks in addition to standard household chores such as plant watering, mail retrieval and security checks. "At one particular house, the pets knocked over the Christmas tree," she says, "so I propped it up with a hockey stick and redecorated it."

Such dedication to quality has earned Wakeford a solid reputation among pet owners in her area. Because Peterborough is a small city, she believes her clients' word -of-mouth advertising is the best way to promote her business.

And when customers discover Wakeford's service, it's hard to persuade them to try anyone else. "A couple of months ago, I got a Christmas card from a client who moved away, and they invited me to their new house for a visit," she says. "That's the kind of relationship you build by looking after someone's animals and home."

With so many happy customers , Wakeford's business is booming. I'm really busy around big holidays. "On Christmas Day, I work from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m.

But don't misunderstand - long hours are no annoyance for Wakeford. "To me, I Watch is not a business; it's a passion." Wakeford enjoys learning about the animals' distinctive personalities, and she quickly becomes attached to each one.

It all began in 1990 when she was asked to take care of a dog while the owners spent six weeks in Australia. Wakeford agreed and thus began her house and pet-sitting career. In 1996, she took an entrepreneurship course and registered her business. After the local newspaper printed an article about I Watch in the new business section, Wakeford says, " I literally couldn't sit down for a sandwich for lunch. It got to be a joke; I'd sit down, and the phone would ring."

Chrissy Heinke
Insight Magazine